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rent a lamb adopt a lamb kit Welcome to the best sheep and lambs site on the web. This site has more than 2200 photographs of sheep, lambs and other farm animals from a real Scottish farm in the South West of Scotland.

Farmer Bob the owner of the farm shows you real farm life on his Scottish farm which has 500 lamb (ewes) that give birth to almost 1000 lambs every year. You can find out about lamb and the life of the lamb on the site. This is a real Scottish lamb farm, so expect to see real life farming in action. You can adopt a lamb and watch it grow up into a sheep with a series of lamb photographs and lamb stories.

Dougie the lamber will take you around the farm in a series of lamb stories about Dougies Day.

What else you can do on this site

Adopt A Lamb for a year

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View photgraphs of a calf

Read a project about wool

Spend a cyber day with Dougie The Lamber

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Adopt A Lamb Adopt A Lamb Any person can adopt the lambs, lamb by paying a small fee on-line through a secure transaction using a credit card. Membership lasts for one year. Monthly updated sets of photographs and short stories about your personal adoptee are placed in the members area of AdoptaFarm. Other stories about farming life and the workings at Lochdhu will be made available FREE throughout the year. You will be able to view and read about every aspect of working life at Lochdhu through the farming seasons. Lambs are adopted for a year, all the adopted lambs will be used for breeding so that you can adopt their offspring and follow their lives through subsequent years.

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Adopt A Lamb Adopt A Lamb When you join AdoptaFarm you select an adoptee give it a name and receive a FREE SwapLamb, which you can also name. Your personalised lamb will retain it's name for the whole period of it's adoption. Your personalised SwapLamb can be fed and exercised at regular intervals and will take part in the SwapLamb League to determine which SwapLamb is being kept in top condition. Feeding and exercising your SwapLamb is FREE, there is absolutely no charge, and it is a lot of fun.

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Adopt A Lamb
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